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Lose a bet - write a check. Read below about the creation of The Gamblers Check.

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For more years than they care to remember, Janet, Bob and Don, family members all, have played cards for bragging rights. The three of them have forgotten more about playing cards than most people ever knew. They preferred to remind others who had won or lost to the usual $5 or $10 bet.

Over the years, they have accumulated a great deal of individual bragging rights' and the title of best of 'Best Card Player' in the family changes from year to year. Sometimes they traded trinkets or photographs. Then one day, the Gamblers Check came along. Now they play cards and each Loser pays off by making a Gamblers Check out to a Payee, and in the Amount of the Winners choosing.

In fact, they intend to use the Gamblers Check as they determine such things as who is the best bowler, fisherman, chess or kings player, and winner of the annual family “cook-off'. The sky is the limit.

The stage has been set. The only question now is who will collect the most checks and be the 'Best Gambler' in the family - Janet, Bob or Don? There are numerous possibilities. Stay tuned!